- XR interface usability

Touchless and mid-air interfaces are becoming ubiquitous in the design of information systems. Through gesture recognition, they allow users to interact with and manipulate digital content without having to touch an interface. As these interfaces become more commonplace, it is important to evaluate them thoroughly to understand how users will interact with them. 

The focus of this study was to evaluate the role of multimodal perception - the combination of visual and haptic feedback - in a touchless mid-air UI. The system in question was designed by myself with UltraHaptics & Leap Motion hardware, using Unity software to create a 3D user interface. Eleven participants completed a two part study: requirements gathering followed by a short usability test. 

Available to read in full here.

- AR filters

Recently, I've been learning more about AR and playing around with filters using platforms such as Spark AR.

As a rapidly expanding area of UX, the design of AR/VR/XR interfaces is something I'm keen to learn more about.

- Games usability

This usability study was completed as part of my Masters degree.

As games are a huge interest of mine (it could be said - my only real hobby) I wanted to use this as an opportunity to settle the age-old debate: PS or Xbox?

We designed a usability test, ran user testing with 20 participants, gathered and analysed the data and found...there wasn't much difference. But practice is practice!

- Game avatars

Completed as an undergrad dissertation, this research study investigated the relationship between video game avatars and self-presentation. Users were observed and interviewed as they created an avatar in an MMORPG game, using a variety of think aloud methods, task analysis and questionnaires.

The full published article is available to read here. This publication has been cited around 10 times to date in academic articles, notably in two papers in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, as well as several blogs. 

- App designs

Text about project here